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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Photo from twitter

Photo from twitter

Chris Traynor
: Chris, Gavin and Zuma ” where did you get this? Cool.

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Photo from twitter

Corey Britz
Happiness is a cold pint.

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Photo from twitter

robin goodridge
T shirt in full effect hoot

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Photo from twitter

Chris Traynor
Backstage at the Jay Leno show. The have scented candles everywhere. It's a real romantic setting Corey and I.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Photo from twitter

Photo from Gavin's twitter

Monday, 19 September 2011

Breaking Bread With Gavin Rossdale

Bush is back. On the eve of the legendary alt-rockers' first album in 10 years, The Sea of Memories, the one and only Gavin Rossdale let us style and photograph him; and chatted with us about the record, touring, crispy bread and childrens-book-writing aspirations.

Tell me about your new album Sea of Memories. Where'd the title come from?

The title comes from our history both past and present, and how it really defines us. We are all in our own little boats sailing around just crashing into each other.

What are a few of your fondest recent memories?

Coming home from a recent trip and two little boys, five and three, rushing into my arms; the perfect fried breakfast in London's West End; and waiting backstage behind the curtain with the crowd shouting, "BUSH, BUSH, BUSH!" Bush is short and really packs a punch. When I was doing my solo project it just wasn't the same, it's really about doing the right thing at the right time.

What's your earliest memory?

Ahh. The smell of bread in Portugal. I was walking around with my mum and the smell just filled the air. Till this day I'm partial to crispy good bread.

Where can you find crispy good bread in L.A.?

The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills does it, and L.A. Bakery near our old house in Los Feliz has the best cheese danish with that amazing crunch factor. You can really tell a good restaurant from the bread they set on the table.

Since you're sipping hot tea now, who are three people you'd like to have over for a cup?

Francis Bacon, though I'd give him wine not tea. He's one of my favorite painters. PJ Harvey, she's just pure class and Dinos Chapman of the Chapman Brothers. I know him personally and he would just loosen us all up.

You are getting ready to go on a nationwide tour with this album. Do you have a place you're really looking forward to playing?

I always love the major cities. Not to go back to food, but they have the best restaurants. I mean if I'm in New York they have all the amenities and when I'm in Syracuse it's a little more limited. Though I have to say the smaller towns have crowds that are feverish and so appreciative. I just try to always be joyful and find joy in everything everywhere.

Besides the tour, do you have any traveling plans coming up?

The irony of my life is before, I had no money, but all the time in the world. Now that I have some money, the time is gone. We live between London and L.A. so we spend most of our time in those two places. The last place we went was a small town in the South of France called Antibes. I just loved walking in the old streets with the ambiance and all the energy. I'd love to go back there.

Who are a few of your favorite designers?

I like Nice Collective, Comme des Garcons and I enjoy Rick Owens. Right now I'm wearing what use to be an All Saints shirt before I cut it, a pair of Adriano Goldschmied jeans that they sewed my name into because I'm such a fan and a pair of Undercover boots.

Since you have kids and you love to write, would you ever write children's books?

Actually I'd love to; I read so many at night to the boys. You know it's only about five lines and the majority of it is art. I think i could do that.

Photographed and styled by J. Everette Perry

Source: Papermag.com

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Photo from twitter

Chris Traynor
Doing laundry on my first day off! Oh the glamour of life on the road.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Gavin Rossdale: “I Married Up!”

Gavin Rossdale is consistently one of the funniest and most open guys in rock. And here's the proof: I recently sat down with the Bush frontman, 45, to talk about reuniting with the '90s band after 10 years (their latest disc, Sea Of Memories, is out now), plus his uber-cool wife Gwen Stefani, 41, and their equally with-it tots Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3.

US: What's it like being back with Bush?

GR: It's just fantastic. I'm finally back in the ring with both hands untied, and I'm back with the frosting on my cake. The cool of my beer is back.

US: What led to the decision to reunite?

GR: I've been waiting so patiently for this perfect reunion and I tried to do a solo record and it didn't work... I felt like I'd waited long enough, sort of the grace period for the reunion had expired. I just decided to just go for it and I thought that if I really wanted to have as much fun as possible making music I should do it under Bush rather than anything else.

US: How did you guys decide what direction to go in with the sound?

GR: I had to make it so that you could play that record to somebody who'd never heard Bush before, and they could legitimately fall in love with a band. That was the intent. It is also mindful of how we got there and how it was and what people expect from Bush... You should do one foot in the history of Bush and one foot forward, and that way we remain current and vital to ourselves.

US: Was it hard for the band to pick back up and make music?

GR: No, the reason for the hiatus was just the fact that one guy didn't wanna tour, and that puts a kink in your armor. How can you be a rock band and not tour?

US: How have you been able to balance show business with your family life?

GR: I just accept that those are the sacrifices you make and it's inevitable that anyone who has kids makes sacrifices… And my kids get the benefit of me working at home at the studio... Nothing's perfect and everything has its price. But I think that I will want to instill the value in them of applying yourself and the value of sacrifice, and what it takes.

US: How do you juggle brutal tour schedules with Gwen?

GR: We muddle our way through it. It's just about the communication and also just the space. The one thing that's always been so good for us is to understand each other's timetables and commitments and responsibilities. She's in a huge, high-powered, creative set-up with her band and she's making a great record, and I can confirm it's great. But that takes time and effort, and no one wants to leave their kids for work.. Too much in this world is, people assume that things come naturally, when I think it's an essential life lesson to learn that it takes trying, try again, try again, it takes reworking it, it takes a lot of effort, it's not just a life of dilettante.

US: How do you guys also make time for each other?

GR: I'm so lucky. You just try and give people enough space… It's a mystery to me and all the friends I grew up with -- they look at me and laugh. They say, "You're the last person we thought was gonna be in this situation!' But what can I tell you is I married up.

US: How are your kids?

GR: Kingston's been on tour with me, so he's been out this whole month with me, so that's been amazing and very grounding. I never ever thought about being a musician and having my kids on the stage and I never anticipated what a thrill that is

US: Will Kingston and Zuma follow in your footsteps?

GR: I think that they both have a lot of passion for music and playing and drums and loud noises. Kingston gets bored at shows. He's seen enough, but he likes the big ones. I mean any parent would dig the idea of their kids seeing them when they go to work.

US: Do they take after you or Gwen?

GR: You want them to take after you when they do things well. When they do anything bad you wanna blame the other genes, but really they're so phenomenally their own people. That's almost the most incredible part of it, that you can see elements of both of us in both of them... I'm happy to say they're got really good, funny characters and they're polite.

US: How duo you feel about being a sex symbol? What does Gwen think about this?

GR: Obviously it's completely flattering. It's just a statement that you have made, but for me to have any comment over that is just really precarious. It's a compliment, thank you. I don't know what to say, it's very hard to comment and not sound like an idiot.

Source: US Weekly

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Photo from Gavin's twitter

San Jose so thoughtful thx

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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Photo from twitter

Corey Britz
Preflight ritual at LAX terminal 4.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Photo from twitter

Friday, 2 September 2011

Photo from twitter

Chris Traynor
Got an awesome vintage leather jacket at a thrift store this week.

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Thursday, 1 September 2011

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